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Energy Solutions Landscaping specializes in custom Knoxville TN hardscape design, construction and maintenance. Our goal is to provide each and every customer with the highest level of service possible.

Energy Solutions Landscaping of Knoxville has years of experience creating and designing patios, steps, fireplaces, water features, retaining walls and outdoor entertainment areas for you and your family to enjoy for years to come and are fully licensed and insured.


Outdoor spaces add a lot of beauty to your property and help expand the living spaces in your home. Adding a patio is an excellent way to increase the functionality of your outdoor spaces. Energy Solutions Landscaping provides paver patio installation in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas.

Since patios can be partially or completely open to the air, it’s important to choose materials that will not deteriorate when they are exposed to the elements. This is exactly why we suggest to our clients that they should opt for paver patios. Pavers are an ideal option for outdoor spaces and are available in a range of materials such as concrete, brick or natural stone.

Regardless of your patio needs, we have the expertise to provide you with excellent Knoxville TN hardscape solutions. We are highly focused on providing value to our customers and use only high grade materials and the best workmanship. We’ll work to ensure that your Knoxville patio installation is completed professionally and professionally.

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Driveways & Walkways

Your driveways and walkways are some of the first things people notice when they enter your property. Making these areas more attractive creates a very positive impact on the look of your property, adds value and increases curb appeal. Adding pavers to your driveway or walkway give a very distinctive look to your property and makes the spaces more appealing.

Energy Solutions Landscaping in Knoxville can install driveway pavers to beautify your property in a cost-effective manner. We accept both residential and commercial Knoxville TN hardscape projects and ensure that the work is carried out in a timely manner. We’ll work very closely with you to ensure you get the look you want at a price that work for you.

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Retaining Walls

Many properties in Knoxville are graded or hilly, which can create unique landscaping opportunities. However, there are times when this also creates a problem. When any driveways, walkways or outdoor features are being installed, it sometimes becomes necessary to level the land. This may leave some slope without support, which can allow soil erosion and mudslides to occur. This can damage your property as well as the landscaping.

To solve this problem, Energy Solutions Landscaping of Knoxville can build retaining walls at strategic locations on your property. When we handle landscaping or hardscaping work for you, we carefully survey the entire area, we take notes on all of the spots that could be impacted during installation. Then we present you with a plan for building the necessary retaining walls to ensure your property is protected. We only use the highest grade materials and ensure that the best personnel are assigned to your project.

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Pool Decks & Patios

Pools offer a lot of and recreation, but can also add a lot of beauty to your property. Adding a professionally pool deck or patio can enhance your pool area and help maximize your relaxation and entertainment. You can entertain guests inside and outside of your pool with a pool deck that allows for seating, tables, and other outdoor necessities.

Energy Solutions Landscaping has the expertise to bring your Knoxville pool deck or landscaping project to life. We’ll work with you to design and construct a pool area that’s beautiful, safe and ready to be enjoyed for years to come.

With the right design and execution, it can easily be transformed from being a plain outdoor space to a beautiful and comfortable extension of your home. Accordingly, patios and pool decks are some of the most common additions to an external space since they can be perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

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